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   Howdy! I am Sabrina; owner of the dirty, soil-covered hands behind the scenes of With Ease.

   With Ease was always just a persistent day dream. Personally, I had found such overwhelming purpose in my life when I found my love for indoor gardening. Between the joy of the hunt as I checked plants off my wish-list and the satisfaction after I tended to my growing collection; I began to feel whole. Hand in hand, as each plant I cared for grew and flourished, I found that I was too.


   I have a lot of goals, but I'd say my main focuses would be to offer a curated and accessible collection of plant pals to our community, and share my knowledge of plant care to ease the mind of beginners. Folks, I encourage you to give it a try and add some green to your space; go ahead and explore what this lifestyle and hobby may do for you in your life!

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